Hapkido is a comprehensive Korean martial art. It comprises of kicking, joint locking, throwing, grappling, break falling, self-defence and traditional weapons from Asia.

This system is ideal for people of all abilities and size as it utilises the strength of your attacker not you!

HAPKIDO means " the way of co-ordinated energy"

hap (합) means "co-ordinate"

ki (기) means " energy"

do( 도) means "way"






GONGBANG Hoshinsul


What is Gongbang Hoshinsul?


This is a self-defence system that protects the practitioner from violent attacks and also a sport that is practiced scientifically. In other words Gongbangsul adapts your attackers strength using joint manipulation and techniques that defend and attack simultaneously. Using your attackers strength means that there is no restriction to a Gongbang Hoshinsul practitioner in terms of age or gender, making it easy to control your opponent even if they are physically stronger than you.


Through regular training Hoshinsul you can increase your health. It accelerates and improves your blood circulation which enables your body to recover from health problems faster. Also, an effective method of stress relief, it helps keep a balance between the mind and body keeping you feeling young, confident and living a healthy lifestyle.


호 means " protect"

신 means " myself"

술 means " skill"